Oriental Silk Rug,SILK RUG

Oriental Silk Rug

Regarding to the origin of the Rexrugs name, Rex means emperors, which is synonymous with luxury. Since its birth, Rexrugs only made high-end hand-knotted silk carpets and wool carpets in the field of carpet, which mainly serves European nobles and Middle Eastern royals, therefore, we take Rexrugs as our initial brand. 

Ahmet , the founder of Rexrugs, was attracted by handmade silk carpets when he touched handmade carpets for the first time at age 15. As there are many brothers and sisters in the family, the young Ahmet had to study in school while doing some odd jobs in handmade carpet shop. At first, he mainly learn to repair handmade carpets, and also mastered the techniques of weaving carpets gradually. Over time, in order to improve his professional skills, he studied all aspects of professional knowledge by himself, and began to study the meaning of the Persian rug pattern in history and to draw some carpet patterns by himself gradually. At the age of 25, he was already well-known in the field of handmade rugs gradually , and began to try to collect some hand-made carpets. He often took the bus for a few days alone to go to and from the weavers' homes deep in deep mountain areas in order to buy carpets and sell them. At first, he mainly sold them to the upper class in Turkey and some nobles in Europe. This is the prototype of the Rexrugs brand. Later, as customers trust the quality of Rexrugs, more and more demand could not be satisfied. Therefore, Rexrugs decided to start designing handmade carpets that meet customers’ needs and weave them. So, Rexrugs had its own workshop, starting from the first 15 weavers. With the continuous expansion of business, more and more hand-made carpet orders drove Rexrugs to expand the scale continually and high-end customers are increasingly critical of carpet color and design. Rexrugs knew the importance of design and color, constantly absorbing the designers from the famous universities to enrich the design team. Every carpet pattern you saw, which was through several months or even years of exploration, was finally presented to everyone, resulting in Rexrugs having the richest handmade carpet pattern in the world now . 

In decades of hard work, Rexrugs has grown to own 18 top designers and 8,000 knitting workers now from the first 1 designer and 15 weavers. Due to decades of accumulation of Rexrugs, strict quality control and responsibility to customers, Rexrugs has the world's largest inventory of handmade silk carpets now, where 5,000 handmade silk carpets and 1200 handmade wool carpets are available to choose for customers all over the world now. 

Now, Rexrugs is not just a carpet , not only represents wealth, it is also a treasure from generation to generation and a noble spirit. More and more families have hand-made rugs from Rexrugs now. The story of Rexrugs is still written, of course, the protagonist of the story is not only us, but also you.